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Online Accounting Software for non-accountants
Aimed at UK Based Small Businesses and Contractors
What our clients have to say
Fantastic - an accounts system I can understand and use...I am saving a fortune...
Alastair Penny - 29 May 2013
What used to take me days to complete is now taking me under an hour a week...
Terence Witten - 24 May 2013
I wholeheartedly confirm that BeanBalance's services are exceptional...
Peter-John Smith - 28 May 2013

Fully Featured Free Accounting Software

BeanBalance is a powerful, feature rich online accounting software package. If you’re a small business or contractor looking for an easy to use, innovative and free online accounting package, BeanBalance is the solution for you. Features include:

Bank Statement Imports, Invoicing, Expense Tracking, Billing, RTI Enabled Payroll and much more.

Accounting for non-accountants

Accounting can be complicated, the last thing you want is for your accounting software to add to the complexity. BeanBalance was designed with ease of use and accuracy in mind.

We use a modular approach whereby you only use the modules you need, greatly reducing complexity.

Your accounting information available - always

Changing accountants can be a time consuming process riddled with misunderstandings and mistakes. A change in accountant usually means a change in accounting software. Not anymore.

With BeanBalance your information is stored for free, forever. You can change accountants at any time. Your new accountant can continue exactly where the old accountant left off.

It's free, yes, completely free

No ads, no catches or free trial periods. Just 100% free wholesome goodness.

Accounting Assistance IF needed

Do you have any questions or need some advice? Wondering whether you’re running your company as tax efficiently as possible? Are you logging all the possible expenses that you’re entitled to? Or perhaps you need help with drawing up your company’s annual accounts and the submission of your company’s corporation tax return?

That’s not a problem at all. With a few clicks you can choose from a list of one of our handpicked accountants to give you a quote. You can choose which accountant you want to use for which services, or, if you do not want to pay for accounting assistance you can do it yourself for free! The choice is always yours.

Community Driven Development

Every active BeanBalance user will be able to vote for the next features they would like to see on BeanBalance. If you want it, vote for it, and we’ll add it.

BeanBalance Features


  • We tell you exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it
  • Fully customisable email reminder system - get notified when a task is coming up
  • Have a look at our Timeline introduction video for more information


  • Raise custom invoices using your company logo
  • Set up recurring invoices that will be raised automatically at set intervals
  • Email invoices as attachments or download as PDF's
  • Set invoice reminders to be emailed automatically for late-payments
  • Create email templates for sending invoices. Full support for dynamic data included

Bank Statement Imports

  • Download and import your bank statements
  • BeanBalance currently supports Microsoft Money files, OFX files, Quickbooks or QBO files, Sage Line 50 files and QIF files
  • Additional file format support will be implemented soon

Full Expense Support

  • Set up recurring expenses
  • Mark expenses as refunded straight from your imported bank statements - the accounting will be taken care of automatically

Full VAT and Flat Rate VAT Support

  • BeanBalance will calculate VAT due etc for every VAT return your company has to submit
  • We also support Flat Rate VAT scheme calculations
  • We do not support EU VAT at the moment